Events, Promotions, Productions

Events, Promotions, Productions

If the death of the Celtic Tiger was responsible for a lot of negatives

it was also responsible for certain positive outcomes. For a group of us it was the relentless search of new opportunities. Some opportunities opened doors to new experiences. They widened horizons with further on the job learning in a whole new area. In my case it put me backstage at premium level awards ceremonies and theatrical productions. It led to working for or alongside people who are at the top of their game in the staging of events on an international level.

Collaborations in Events, Promotions, Productions has led to an understanding of what is needed to run a live commercial event or high end entertainment event. Private dinner parties with full stage production for over 900 international delegates. Awards nights in some of Ireland’s landmark locations. Private theatrical performances for national and international dignitaries. Live televised productions on stage and in stadiums.

A phenomenal lattice of teamwork, planning and effort by incredible professionals are the vital components for a successful event. Teams of lighting, sound, stage assembly, rigging and production management are often capable on their own. However, crews who have previous experience working or touring together are a force to be reckoned with.

It is with this new found wealth of experienced professionals as co-workers that we are delighted to offer event services to you. If you want to put on a production for your factory’s staff, a national product launch, an entertainment evening as part of your awards ceremony etc., let us help. From simply providing crew for set-up and tear down to full turnkey event organisation and stage production make your 1st port of call.

Event Services Include:

-supply of promotional clothing printed/embroidered

-full turnkey staging service

-engraving and supply of presentation pieces / awards

-hire of crew for load in and out of gigs, events, hotel functions, product launches