Red Bull Cliff Diving Trophies

Custom Request for Trophies for the Red Bull Cliff Diving Event on Inis Mór 2014

In 2012 Red Bull brought their Cliff Diving supremos to the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland… and then some. Out to Inis Mór, the largest of the Aran Islands. There, the divers were to find the most amazing rectangular pool cut in the rock below the cliffs on the south-west side of the island. It was built by the hands of mother nature and cut perfectly into this karst landscape. Such was the success of 2012’s event, Red Bull came back in 2014 (I worked on the 2012 trophies too). Here’s how it all happened.

One of Red Bull’s top marketing people called by a couple of months ago. With him, he had brought three scale model currachs. Incredibly intricate and delicate at first glance but their simple design and self supported frame showed them to be far stronger than they first looked.

I was given the task of creating a series of three trophies incorporating:

  1. Currach
  2. Plaque sytle backing on which to mount the currach.
  3. Full colour event logo branded section with details of event.


The backing board was finished in solid beech. This added greatly to the overall feel and strength of the prizes by giving weight and rigidity. It was cut and formed to fit the requirement. Then carefully sprayed with coats of black paint before lacquering. This worked well with the black of the currach’s hull and created a great bounce of colour from the contrast in the logo.

The added plaque incorporating the full colour logo is a stock item that is sold as a stand-alone trophy for wall mounting but has been used as part of larger pieces in the past.

Overall the clients idea was brought to life in a reasonably short time frame and resulted in three brilliantly unique rewards for……….. jumping off a cliff.

See Gary Hunt at 2:07 in the YouTube clip holding his 1st place trophy high.



See Red Bull’s review of the event including an image of our finished products on the Red Bull site here.

Below are some of the components

Black BackboardRed-Bull-Beech-Backboard-Painted-Black-and-Lacquered

Plain White Plaque Before PrintUnprinted-Award-Plaque

Close-up Of The Plaque After Full Colour Logo Print Process Completion




Below is one of the three finished pieces before they left the workshop.