Branding & Promotional Products do What?

Why do so many companies and businesses spend money on branding promotional products?


Branding or logos are displayed prominently while the product they adorn serve a useful purpose. Most people can quickly name branded products in daily use in their home or workplace.


Promo Items in the workplace!

In the office, branding can be applied to diaries, mouse mats, quality coasters, notepads, pens. The list goes on and on. People buy these items to keep their brand in the eye of their client on a regular basis. Big companies understand the importance of branding and fast growing small businesses are keen to ensure they follow strict guidelines in growing their public awareness. The daily reinforcement of the brand can help create an attachment to a particular company.

We have all heard someone looking for something by referencing the brand on it. “Did anyone see my Guinness umbrella?”. But Guinness don’t make umbrellas do they? They contract companies like ourselves to produce them? Also Guinness are huge – do they need promotional items? Well the answer to that is Yes. They are indeed a massive business but they still need to maintain their brand awareness.

However they are now big enough to not just give-away but to sell the umbrellas that bear their name along with jumpers, t-shirts, key rings,etc.


Promo Items in a household environment.

A display of branding, promotional items found in the kitchen

A display of branding, promotional items found in the kitchen


A quick root around the kitchen at home and here I find a Paddy whiskey glass from decades ago, Coke glasses that are at least three years old, a water bottle circa 2004, a cocktail glass from 2007, and numerous others along with pens and a notepad.

If all these companies pay to advertise on TV, Radio, Newpapers and YouTube they are going to be well recognised.

I don’t watch much TV and channel hop when ads come on. I only listen to the radio in the car and that wouldn’t be common. I read few newspapers and I almost never click on the YouTube ads. However regardless of this, these companies are succeeding in advertising directly to me in my own home from my own hand when I pick up a useful product with their name on it.

And there it is. The most simple view of what promotional products do.

The text below is in a PDF from the Promotional Products Association International.

Respondents were asked to think of a promotional product they’d received in
the past two years and to recall the specific product, the advertiser and the
message: A whopping 76.2% recalled all three key pieces of information.

For a more indepth look at branding and promotional products and how they work. There is some detail on the following link here.